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Pentagon Protection Plc’s business unit SDS has recently formed a partnership with Frost & Sullivan to address hotel security issues in the wake of the Jakarta and Mumbai incidents. This will be a top down security program that plans to eventually impliment a hotel safety rating system. This is great news for our industry as these security measures will undoubtedly include window films. Read more about it here:

In the wake of the Jakarta and Mumbai attacks, Pentagon Protection Plc’s SDS forms an alliance with Frost & Sullivan to help address hotel security.


Welcome to Zola Distributing. After nearly a decade in the window film and tool business, we decided to create a tool shopping experience that incorporates everything we have learned about the industry and the desires of the people within it.

The first thing that we did was to create an infrastructure that would allow us to offer our customers the most competitive prices in the industry. With the current state of the economy, we know that every Dollar counts and are committed to bringing you the best overall value for your hard earned money. We will also be working with the tool manufacturers to offer you special pricing on the most popular items. If you ever feel that our price is out of line on any item, please let us know and we will look into it to determine what adjustments can be made.

The next thing that we made a priority at Zola Distributing was customer service. There is no excuse for poor or indifferent customer service and we are committed to making Zola Distributing the standard in customer service by which all others are judged.

Finally, we wanted to give back to the industry by using the Zola Distributing website along with this blog and the Linked In Window Film Professionals group to add value and help educate the industry. There are many changes happening within the industry and in the economy in general that we want to help you exploit. we are also interested in helping this industry grow so that all participants benefit. Because of this, Zola Distributing plans to donate a portion of all profits to organizations that are helping grow this industry.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the site and find all the tools that you are looking for. Please send us any feedback that you might have whether positive or negative. Also, check back often as we have many exciting updates planned in the near future. We are committed to constant improvement and your feedback will help us achieve that.

Please visit us today at

It is very interesting. It will be interesting to see if / how the window film industry might be able to use this type of technology in the design of the next generation window films.


It is always nice to get some positive coverage in an industry magazine. I am pleased and extremely grateful for the opportunities that I have been given. US Glass also picked up the story.

Window Film Magazine covers NGSG / 3M Deal

This is a picture of the cabin that my brother Mike and I built in western New York. It is very near Lake Chautauqua and about 1 hour south of Niagara Falls. It is very close to fishing, golf, downhill snow skiing, snowmobile trails, the Peak & Peak Spa, wineries and you can hunt right on our property. We own 4 acres, but the state forest is on one side of us and my brothers neighbor that owns several hundred acres is on the other side. As a result, we have hundreds of acres to use as our own right out the front door. We had an Amish guy build the cabin and we could not be happier with the end result. Hopefully, it will be in our family for generations and my children will take their children there someday.

3M and National Glass Service Group Form an Alliance

Dublin, OH – July 13, 2009 –

3M and National Glass Service Group (NGSG) announce the formation of an exclusive alliance to market window film solutions to large national retail chains. Through this agreement, NGSG will use 3M products and dealers exclusively while 3M will concurrently pursue all national retail accounts exclusively through NGSG. Both NGSG and 3M believe that this relationship will allow both parties to concentrate on their strengths in order to provide the highest quality products available with unparalleled education and servicing of these retail clients.

Patric Fransko, Senior VP of Operations at NGSG is excited about the potential that this alliance with 3M represents. “After coming to NGSG, I have spent the past year with our retail clients trying to understand their needs and expectations. It quickly became clear that confidence in the product supplied, and the company supplying that product, were their primary concerns. We had built systems to ensure the logistics of getting jobs completed efficiently and using a 3M product gave the client an immediate comfort regarding the quality and engineering of the products being used.”

NGSG owner Haytham Elzayn noted, “This was not an easy decision for us initially. We were being courted by multiple window film manufacturers to form a similar alliance, but the synergy was just not there. Initially, I was convinced that NGSG was stronger by remaining independent of any particular manufacturer. However, after meeting with 3M and gauging clients’ responses to the strength of the 3M brand and product offering, our decision became clear.”

Charles Calisto, National Sales Manager of 3M’s Renewable Energy Division, expressed similar enthusiasm regarding the new alliance. “We are very excited about working with NGSG. They have quickly made a name for themselves in the retail chain segment and we feel confident that the 3M / NGSG team will educate retailers about window film solutions, provide them with the best products available and implement chosen solutions in the most efficient manner.”

Details of the final agreement are confidential, but the alliance is already paying dividends as NGSG and 3M are working on numerous large projects around the country with major names in the retail industry.

National Glass Service Group specializes in glass related film solutions designed to assist large retail chains with energy savings, loss prevention, glass related designs and graffiti mitigation systems.

Trip to London

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This is a picture from my last trip to London. My colleague Jim Brennan and I had some time to do some site seeing. We were over for the Pentagon Protection Plc Board of Directors meeting and had a great time. I have made two trips to London in the past 6 months in conjunction with my position on the Board and, other than being away from my family, truly enjoy my time there. Pentagon Protection Plc has some exciting thigs happening and it is exciting to be part of the team as all of this comes together.