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I am sure that my wife is thrilled, but in a couple more weeks the Superbowl will be done and we will be in sports dead zone until March Madness. I wish that Colt McCoy would not have gotten hurt as I am sure that the National Championship would have been a much better game with a likely different turn-out. Oh well. The Buckeyes looked good in the Rose Bowl beating Oregon and the Browns finished with a 4 game winning steak.

I have been hearing about so many business owners that are down in the dumps and not looking forward to 2010. They are running scared and in a hunker down mode instead of figuring out how to go after things in 2010. All I can say is that I completely disagree with their approach and think that they are causing their business to fall into a “death spiral” by their actions. I am not saying that we do not need to watch expenses, be more efficient, etc, etc. However, you cannot eliminate everything that made your company good in the first place and plan on reviving those things once things get better. If you follow that plan, I do not think that things will ever get better for your company again. You are either gaining ground or falling behind. Which one are you doing?

Great job Ohio State! That was a well coached and played game for OSU. Those roses are smelling very sweet to start off 2010. The Big 10 is looking good in the bowls this year. Even Northwestern took Auburn down to the wire before losing a game that they should have won easily.