Zola Distributing begins to unveil 2011 marketing strategy.

Posted: December 29, 2010 in Uncategorized

As we wrap up 2010, Zola Distributing is preparing a brand new marketing strategy for 2011. This strategy will marry the latest social media channels with more traditional marketing.

Zola Distributing has always embraced social media as a primary part of their marketing strategy, but they plan to take that to an even higher level in 2011. As a result, Zola Distributing has unveiled new, freshened up pages on the three major Web 2.0 channels, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. You can see the new pages here:

Zola Distributing on Facebook

Zola Distributing on Twitter

Zola Distributing on Linked In

We also plan to integrate some targeted website banner ads as well as some focused SEO into the overall web based strategy.

On the more traditional side, Zola Distributing is finishing up a new 32 page print catalog that will be mailed to over 10,000 in January. This will be the first printed catalog that Zola has released and we are excited about the anticipated impact of this piece in the marketplace. Zola also plans to participate in other traditional marketing channels like magazine advertisement and trade shows.

As we move forward, we believe that both of these marketing paths need to be embraced to be successful. You cannot rely on traditional avenues and ignore the importance of social media in an overall strategy. Likewise, you cannot rely completely on Web 2.0 and ignore the traditional vehicles. Zola Distributing plans to embrace both and use some very interesting technologies to create an interplay between them.

Thank you for a great 2010 and we look forward to a terrific 2011 and beyond!

Best Regards,

Patric Fransko


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