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I would love to get your feedback, good and bad, on the ad. We are always trying to improve what we are doing and I value the input from this forum. Thanks in advance.


Poke The Box!

Thought I would give you a taste of Gary Vaynerchuk if you are not familiar with this video. What he is referring to as “Poking the Box”  is something that I think we can all benefit from. In order to really grow our businesses, we need to be willing to step outside the status quo and try some new things. If you are unhappy with the growth or health of your company, I would encourage you to really think about what this video is talking about. If we continue to do things the same way we always have, we can expect the same results.So, what are you going to do to “Poke the Box” in 2011?

I hope that you are well and that your 2011 is off to a great start.

I made this video after I was discussing if GROUPON could be used effectively in the window film business with a few people. I know of several dealers that are using it and it is helping them grow their business. I am really interested in your feedback on this tool and whether you think it is something you could use.

Click for video on Window Film Magazine’s site

Check out this video I made discussing using GROUPON for your business.

Caught up with Gary Vaynerchuk today at Claremont McKenna College. Great talk about his new book “The Thank You Economy”. If you are not familiar with Gary, you should check out his website:

Click for Gary’s website

He is really on the front edge of what is happening with the internet and how it can be used for business. Real pleasure to meet him and find him as nice in person as he seems online and on air. Actually hoping to put something together with his company VaynerMedia to help our company implement a more cohesive internet strategy.