Relationship Before Opportunity

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Business Posts
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As most of you know, I truly believe that any success at business ultimately lies in one’s ability to build real relationships with clients, vendors, employees, etc. It’s all about the quality of the relationships. This takes time and effort. Often today, we want results now, but you need to think long term in a short term world. Sure, you may succeed for a short time by faking sincerity and possibly even violating some of your relationships. However, it will eventually catch up and you will be exposed.

I would encourage you to approach 2013 by spending more time building true and sincere relationships with all people associated with your business. By doing this, you will be ensuring the long term success of both yourself and your business. Remember, think long term!

I thought some of you might enjoy these principles by Jeremie Kubicek as they discuss ways to begin thinking this way.

Skillful leaders are rare because the principles of leadership are frequently counter-intuitive.

4 counter-intuitive leadership principles:

  1. Talk to them about them.
  2. Gain power by empowering.
  3. Join their team before they join your team.
  4. Talk less, listen more, and others will listen to you.

The above is from Jeremie Kubicek.

Have a great 2013!!


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