Three Ways to Convince a Skeptic

Posted: January 10, 2012 in Business Posts, Uncategorized


Swaying an executive to accept an idea is tough, especially if she’s a skeptic. To overcome her cynicism, you need to adjust your style. Here are three ways to influence a non-believer:
  • Co-present with a trusted source. Skeptics are highly suspicious of any information that challenges their worldviews. You can increase your chances of success by sharing the stage with someone the executive believes in.
  • Demonstrate endorsements. You need as much credibility as you can garner. Ask others who support your idea to let the executive know.
  • Stroke egos. Skeptics respond to flattery. Start sentences with, “You’ve probably seen this data already…”

Adapted from Harvard Business Review on Communicating Effectively.

  1. Zack Burke says:

    Simple and effective.

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