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Great video by Gary Vaynerchuk discussing how large companies are changing the way they operate in order to “act small”. The benefit most of us have is that we are small businesses and we should be leveraging the agility that comes with being small instead of trying to act big.

The video also discusses how important it is either begin, or continue, to be involved with the new digital platforms that are emerging. Commit to getting more involved and trying different things in 2012. Take advantage of the flexibility being small.


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I thought some of you may be interested to know that Zola Distributing is now offering Free Freight on any order over $49.50! Thank you to all of you that are already customers. We hope that you enjoy this program and hope that many of you that have not tried Zola yet will use this program to give us an opportunity to earn your tool business

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I would love to get your feedback on this video I shot while visiting Frank Garrido at the Tint Factory in Los Angeles. We discussed a variety of topics including SEMA, marketing practices and social media. I would love to get some feedback from the group regarding this video and your thoughts.