Zola Tools Now Offering 3M Scotchprint 1080 Series Wrap Film & 3M Scotchguard Door Edge Guard

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Uncategorized

We excited to announce that Zola Tools is continuing to add more items to our offerings. In addition to now carrying TintSlime, we have most recently added a couple of products from 3M.

First, we have now started selling 3M Scotchguard Door Edge Guards. These kits come as a set of 4, 27” long pieces of 3M paint protection film in the perfect width to protect the edges of your car doors. These pieces are laser cut with rounded edges of the end to make installation easy with a finished appearance. You can check out our page and the installation video at the link below:

3M Scotchguard Door Edge Guard


Second, we have begun to offer 3M Scotchprint 1080 Series wrap film in small quantities. Available in 2’ and 3’ widths by 1’. You can order in any length by adding additional quantity of the item selected. Making the product available in these small quantities makes it perfect for covering small trim pieces on your car, your laptop, IPad, cell phone, etc. The unique adhesive allows this product to conform easily giving you a realistic and finished look.

We are starting with only 3 products from this line right now. Black Carbon Fiber, White Carbon Fiber and Brushed Steel. We may be adding additional products from the line as we guage demand. If there is a particular product in this line that you would like to see, please let us know. You can check it out on our page at the link below:

3M Scotchprint 1080 Series Wrap Film


Thanks in advance for looking. This is just the start of the exciting things we have planned for Zola Tools in 2013!


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