Change Your Focus to Achieve Business Success in 2013 and Beyond!

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Business Posts, Uncategorized
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As most of you know, I truly believe that any success at business ultimately lies in one’s ability to build real, trust based relationships with clients, vendors, employees, etc. It’s all about the quality of the relationships. Begin all relationships with an attitude of wanting to help the other party succeed and reach their goals. I have found that if I focus on helping other people achieve their goals; my goals have a way of taking care of themselves.

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” Napoleon Hill

Have you built this kind of foundation that will bring success your way? Approaching the market this way takes time and effort and is often overlooked. Often today, we want results today, this week and this quarter. While recognizing the demands of the business world, I still contend that you need to think long term in this short term environment.

Sure, you may succeed for a short time by faking sincerity and possibly even violating some of the relationships you have started to build. You may be able to get that order by fluffing the details or over-promising what will occur post sale. However, these tactics will eventually catch up and your true motives will be exposed. This will ruin your relationships, and any trust you may have built, making it more difficult to make the sale in the future. We had a saying when I was in the Navy, “It only takes 1 Oh Sh** to wipe out 100 Atta Boys”. The minute you decide to take a short cut, you will have ruined any goodwill that you had worked so hard to build. Think before you act!

I would encourage you to approach the remainder of 2013 by spending more time building true and sincere relationships with all people associated with your business. Ask yourself and them what you can be doing to help them succeed this year. By doing this, you will be ensuring the long term success of both yourself and your business. Remember, think long term!

I thought some of you might enjoy these principles by Jeremie Kubicek as they discuss ways to begin thinking this way.

Skillful leaders are rare because the principles of leadership are frequently counter-intuitive.

4 counter-intuitive leadership principles:

  1. Talk to them about them.
  2. Gain power by empowering.
  3. Join their team before they join your team.
  4. Talk less, listen more, and others will listen to you.

Have a great 2013!!


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