Social Media 101…You Don’t Control The Message!

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Business Posts, Uncategorized
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It still amazes me how uninformed people are about how you can use social media platforms to build their businesses, so I wanted to share the most basic premise you must understand regarding social media and your business….You No Longer Control How Your Company or Brand is Viewed in The Marketplace! Individual customer interactions matter today more than ever in history.

We all know the old saying about a happy customer telling two people and an unhappy one telling 20. Social media allows the best marketing possible, Word of Mouth, the ability to expand exponentially. Whether or not this is a good thing depends on if the customer is happy. An unhappy customer can use social media to tell 500 or more people easily via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Yelp, etc. about their displeasure with your company. Conversely, unlike the past, a satisfied customer can easily reach the same number of people using these channels to tell others how thrilled they are with the service or product you provided. Momentum based on a single customer interaction like that would have been impossible just a couple of years ago. The emergence of social media has made each customer interaction much more critical. The penalties for even one negative experience, left unaddressed, can be damage to your business and reputation. However, the rewards that come from satisfied customers can be unbelievable. What they are saying cannot be controlled by any other way than the way businesses were built back in the day….Caring about each Customer!

If you are interested in learning more about social media and ways to utilize it to grow your business, check out my other posts here as well as a blog series I wrote in the past called Staying Connected for Window Film Magazine website at:

As many of you know, I recently took over as the Chief Marketing Officer at Interwest Distribution just launched several social media platforms for them. If you are interested, I would love if you can also follow our company pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and blog at the following locations and check out what I am doing there.

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Thanks and Have Fun!

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