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My son Enzo and I hanging with legendary Porsche collector Magnus Walker this morning at Cars & Coffee.


Ever consider how optical science can affect interior design? Imagine a solution that would allow you to bring natural sunlight into spaces with no windows. The engineers at 3M have found a way to do just that.

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When you think of lighting, do you imagine a dusty old light bulb in your basement…or perhaps a flickering fluorescent light over your desk at work? Few things affect our daily lives as much as light, and each advance in lighting has affected the way humans work and play, and even our moods.

Now think more broadly. Imagine a new-to-the-world system that harnesses and guides sunlight where windows are not an option. Through twisting and turning ducts, new 3M™ Sunlight Delivery System illuminates buildings with natural, energy-efficient – even mood enhancing – light. The new System is an innovative 3M solution that helps architects and designers imagine new spaces.

As with most 3M innovations, the journey to re-imagining how we light our environments began eight decades ago, with a product that bears little relation to a light fixture: glass beads. Road signs were made more visible because of the retroreflective…

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Maybe The Worl'd Coolest Desk

I don’t care how great your office desk is, it’s not this cool.