I have been reflecting on a recent message that I heard in church. The message was titled “The Best Question Ever” and the questions is “Is this the wise thing to do?”

You can apply that question to nearly every decision that you make in life and it instantly peels away the justifications and excuses and exposes the truth. The question is are you courageous enough to ask the question? If you are, you will be amazed at the clarity that it brings regarding the right choice.

Give it a try…if you dare!

After consulting with various companies recently, I was surprised to find that many business owners are still promoting and advertising for their businesses in ways that they themselves admit they no longer pay attention to. Analyze your own buying habits and what you pay attention to and then develop a strategy to reach people where they are looking.

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Richard Branson

By Jack Preston. Senior Content Executive. Tweets at @JackPressedOn

Social media has unquestionably transformed the way businesses operate and people lead their lives, for Richard Branson – recently voted the world’s top social CEO – the advent of the medium has had a profound impact on both his work and private lives.

As a leader in the field, ahead of the likes of Rupert Murdoch, Jack Dorsey and Marissa Mayer, the Virgin Founder is often asked to hand out some advice on how he stays on top of his social media output.

“I’ve built a strong online presence over the last few years and am always thinking of new ways to expand our reach. I think this is partly because I was already comfortable with the basic concepts: after all, my first successful business was in the media. When I was 16 years old, my friends and I started up Student Magazine. Although I didn’t give myself the title of publisher, that’s what my job was, in retrospect,” wrote Branson in a recent column.

“While my friends and I had a lot of fun running Student Magazine, we also had a meaningful message. These days, as well as sharing what is going on in my life and exchanging messages with all sorts of interesting people, I use social media to highlight issues that affect us all. A blog post can kick-start a debate and make an impact in the real world.”

So what three tips would Branson give someone attempting to build a social media empire? Check out his nuggets below, or if you’ve got your own golden rule let us know…

1. Social media isn’t just a one-way street.

I always try to make time to reply to people. Many good ideas for future blogs are sparked by reading the comments online and the conversations they spark. If you’re expecting people to be intrigued by what you and your business have to say, you have to genuinely be interested in their feedback.

2. Tell a few jokes.

As always: Don’t take yourself too seriously. You have a lot of opportunities to make people smile via social media. When we started Student we were young and definitely just as focused on having a good time as on getting an issue out by deadline. For us there was no difference between work and play – and there still isn’t today. Among my posts and tweets you’ll find lots of funny tales, cheeky questions and the odd photo of me making a fool of myself.

3. Give them the genuine article.

Try to make sure your posts and tweets provide a true reflection of yourself, and not just your professional persona. Whether on social media, on a plane or in the office, you (and your business) are far more likely to make an impression if you let your real personality shine through.

Once you get started, you’ll soon learn that by embracing social media you can keep in touch with and inform your customers to a greater degree than ever before, and through that exchange, broaden your understanding of your business’s horizons. So tweet hello and then publish a post introducing yourself and your company, because it’s time to get the conversation started.



My son Enzo and I hanging with legendary Porsche collector Magnus Walker this morning at Cars & Coffee.

Ever consider how optical science can affect interior design? Imagine a solution that would allow you to bring natural sunlight into spaces with no windows. The engineers at 3M have found a way to do just that.

Interwest Distribution Company


When you think of lighting, do you imagine a dusty old light bulb in your basement…or perhaps a flickering fluorescent light over your desk at work? Few things affect our daily lives as much as light, and each advance in lighting has affected the way humans work and play, and even our moods.

Now think more broadly. Imagine a new-to-the-world system that harnesses and guides sunlight where windows are not an option. Through twisting and turning ducts, new 3M™ Sunlight Delivery System illuminates buildings with natural, energy-efficient – even mood enhancing – light. The new System is an innovative 3M solution that helps architects and designers imagine new spaces.

As with most 3M innovations, the journey to re-imagining how we light our environments began eight decades ago, with a product that bears little relation to a light fixture: glass beads. Road signs were made more visible because of the retroreflective…

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Maybe The Worl'd Coolest Desk

I don’t care how great your office desk is, it’s not this cool.

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It still amazes me how uninformed people are about how you can use social media platforms to build their businesses, so I wanted to share the most basic premise you must understand regarding social media and your business….You No Longer Control How Your Company or Brand is Viewed in The Marketplace! Individual customer interactions matter today more than ever in history.

We all know the old saying about a happy customer telling two people and an unhappy one telling 20. Social media allows the best marketing possible, Word of Mouth, the ability to expand exponentially. Whether or not this is a good thing depends on if the customer is happy. An unhappy customer can use social media to tell 500 or more people easily via Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Yelp, etc. about their displeasure with your company. Conversely, unlike the past, a satisfied customer can easily reach the same number of people using these channels to tell others how thrilled they are with the service or product you provided. Momentum based on a single customer interaction like that would have been impossible just a couple of years ago. The emergence of social media has made each customer interaction much more critical. The penalties for even one negative experience, left unaddressed, can be damage to your business and reputation. However, the rewards that come from satisfied customers can be unbelievable. What they are saying cannot be controlled by any other way than the way businesses were built back in the day….Caring about each Customer!

If you are interested in learning more about social media and ways to utilize it to grow your business, check out my other posts here as well as a blog series I wrote in the past called Staying Connected for Window Film Magazine website at:

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