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Hanging with Gary Vaynerchuk

Catching up with Gary Vaynerchuk is no easy task these days, but I was able to grab a few moments of his time between meetings to discuss a variety of topics I thought you might find interesting. Check out the audio of the conversation below. If you are not familiar with Gary, you can check out a ton of his content at his website He is the best-selling author of the books Crush It! , The Thank You Economy, Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook and #AskGaryVee.

I hope you find the discussion entertaining and informative. Thanks for checking it out!

Do yourself a favor and check out one of Gary’s best keynotes for ICON 2016: Watch the video HERE.


I shot this video after hearing a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk. This quote made me think about how our company is spending our time and resources and I thought you might find this information interesting, challenging, thought-provoking or all of the above.

Also, if you are not familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk, you should check him out at: He has great insight into what makes business tick.

Poke The Box!

Thought I would give you a taste of Gary Vaynerchuk if you are not familiar with this video. What he is referring to as “Poking the Box”  is something that I think we can all benefit from. In order to really grow our businesses, we need to be willing to step outside the status quo and try some new things. If you are unhappy with the growth or health of your company, I would encourage you to really think about what this video is talking about. If we continue to do things the same way we always have, we can expect the same results.So, what are you going to do to “Poke the Box” in 2011?

I hope that you are well and that your 2011 is off to a great start.

If you are not already familiar with and following Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog, I highly recommend it as a “must watch” for 2010. I have learned a great deal from watching Gary’s video blog and reading his new book “Crush It”. If you have questions about how to take advantage of social media to grow your business, then you really need to check his advice out. The business landscape is definitely changing and you want to be out in front and not following the pack.

Have a great 2010!!

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