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What Mayberry Can Teach You about Doing Business in 2014

I am sure that many of us remember the fictional community of Mayberry on the popular television sitcom, The Andy Griffith Show. In my opinion, life in Mayberry can teach us a great deal about how to run a successful business in 2014.

Click the picture to check out this article I wrote for Window Film Magazine that explains what Mayberry can teach you about being successful in business in 2014.


After consulting with various companies recently, I was surprised to find that many business owners are still promoting and advertising for their businesses in ways that they themselves admit they no longer pay attention to. Analyze your own buying habits and what you pay attention to and then develop a strategy to reach people where they are looking.

Made Top 5% Most Viewed Profiles on Linked In

Pretty cool. I had no idea I would rank that high with 200 million users.

This is a re-post of a video that I shot last year, but I have been thinking about it again lately. I hope that all of you enjoy this and it gets your week off to a great start.

Sorry about the horrible video quality.

This thought is based on a David Garland quote, “Money follows passion, not the other way around.”

Check out David Garland at:

A chat between Sara Santiago and I about several topics related to social media today. Hope you find it entertaining and informative.

Window Film Magazine asked me recently to begin writing a series of blogs on how to properly utilize social media to promote your business. These were designed to be very basic blogs that can teach people the basics of jumping into social media. I would love to hear some feedback on the four blog entries that I have already written.

Window Film Magazine Archive for “Staying Connected” Blog

Thanks in advance for the feedback. I hope that all of you are having a great Summer!

I thought that I would post some pictures of the current Service Group Distribution location in Fullerton, California. We are rapidly outgrowing our space here. We need more office space, warehouse space and room for a training center. We also carry a full line of tools from Zola Distributing. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and check us out.

4080 North Palm Street

Suite 803

Fullerton, CA 92835

(866) 320-7150