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You may be familiar with this story, or at least the picture of this gentleman. It has been all over the news and various television shows. The New England Journal of Medicine has an article about the man pictured above. The left side of his face is severely sun damaged from driving a truck for 25 years and being exposed to the UV rays entering the vehicle. You can find the original article HERE.

This is great information that exposes the truth about the extreme exposure to UV that we are exposed to while driving our vehicles. Many of us would not even consider being outside for any amount of time without some sunscreen to protect our skin. However, we will think nothing of sitting for hours in a car without any form of protection from the sun’s harmful rays. There is an answer in the form of a UV filtering window film for your car’s windows. New technology films can offer significant protection and still appear as clear glass if a tinted look is not something you want. Also, many quality window films have been awarded the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation for providing a safe and effective protection against UV radiation. Call your local automotive window film provider to find out more information about which films they offer than have been awarded the Seal of Recommendation and what the cost would be to start protecting yourself from harmful UV rays while you are driving.


MARTINSVILLE, Va. — Schools are constantly weighing the options of “going green,” but many are confronted with the harsh funding barriers that prevent some districts from spending money on green construction projects (or any projects for that matter). However, an answer for some districts may be simple, according to the International Window Film Association (IWFA). The IWFA, based in Martinsville, Va. is a nonprofit trade association composed of window film dealers, distributors and manufacturers in the window film industry and have supported the use of window film in projects nationwide, including school facilities.

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National Glass Service Group, LLC (NGSG,LLC) is proud to announce two new additions to the sales team at the Service Group Distribution (SGD) operation in Fullerton, CA.

Earl Mangune joins the team after spending time at Toyota, Starshield Armor and Interwest Distributing. He has nearly 20 years experience in the automotive industry and has cultivated strong relationships with much of the west coast automotive aftermarket community. Earl’s position will be Automotive Product Manager for SGD and we are excited to have him on the team.

Mike Catalano is joining the team after over 20 years in and around the automotive industry. Mike spent over 10 years working within the Honda and Lexus dealer network where he won many awards for exceptional customer service. Most recently, Mike was a territory sales manager for a film distribution company in the Midwest where he specialized in automotive and residential/commercial window films solutions. Mike’s position will be Sales Support & Technical Manager for the entire west coast. We are pleased to have Mike onboard.

These additions will bring the combined outside sales and service staff for 3M window film products on the west coast to a total of seven employees. Both 3M and SGD are committed to bringing the most exceptional sales and support staff to our customers in an effort to help them grow their business. “Our goal is to do everything we can to assist our customers in their efforts to grow their business. If they are successful in growing, then both 3M and SGD will grow as a bi-product of our customer’s growth” said NGSG, LLC Chief Operations Officer Patric Fransko.

National Glass Service Group, LLC is comprised of three divisions operating in the window films and related products business. The divisions are NGSG, Zola Distributing and Service Group Distributing. SGD is an exclusive provider of 3M window films and related products in California, Oregon and Washington.

Think again. With the technology available today, you must accept the fact that you can no longer completely control your message if you want to engage your customers.   The graph above illustrates this perfectly. The more directly you try to control your message, the less aware and involved you will be with your target consumer. If you are willing to give up a bit of control and jump in to interact with your consumers, you will have an opportunity to influence the message from your actions.

Ultimately,  involvement in the community will define your message, not some glossy ad or brochure. People will watch how you interact, take care of problems and answer tough questions and form an opinion about your brand from what they see and others say about you.  How your community feels about your company or product will carry more credibility and reach many more people than possible through traditional marketing channels.

I have been hearing about so many business owners that are down in the dumps and not looking forward to 2010. They are running scared and in a hunker down mode instead of figuring out how to go after things in 2010. All I can say is that I completely disagree with their approach and think that they are causing their business to fall into a “death spiral” by their actions. I am not saying that we do not need to watch expenses, be more efficient, etc, etc. However, you cannot eliminate everything that made your company good in the first place and plan on reviving those things once things get better. If you follow that plan, I do not think that things will ever get better for your company again. You are either gaining ground or falling behind. Which one are you doing?

If you are not already familiar with and following Gary Vaynerchuk’s blog, I highly recommend it as a “must watch” for 2010. I have learned a great deal from watching Gary’s video blog and reading his new book “Crush It”. If you have questions about how to take advantage of social media to grow your business, then you really need to check his advice out. The business landscape is definitely changing and you want to be out in front and not following the pack.

Have a great 2010!!

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A blog that you might want to follow, if you are not already.

I wanted to shoot this video to wish everyone a great holiday season and discuss a bit about our plans for 2010. Also, this video explains the changes made to the Titan window film tool to address some of the concerns raised about the body stiffness.

Check out the Titan tool at Zola Distributing today.

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